Main Benefits of Having A Coffee Station in The Workplace

By May 25, 2020 September 13th, 2022 No Comments

Drinking coffee is an integral part of our society and something most of us enjoy. For employers, it’s highly beneficial to add coffee into the mix when it comes to finding ways to boost staff morale.

By providing coffee to your staff, not only do you meet office etiquette standards, but you are also going to improve your workplace potential.

Here are some reasons why you should add a coffee station to your workplace:


Every employer wants to have productive and alert staff. Adding coffee into the workplace is a simple but quite effective way to help enhance this.

According to many studies, coffee has positive effects on the mind. Coffee contains caffeine that is a stimulant; therefore, when consumed in moderation, it will help to improve concentration and alertness.

Caffeine can also help to combat tiredness. For employees that suffer from the afternoon drowsiness that tends to follow lunch and for those who’ve had a bad night’s sleep the night before, it will help them to work more productively throughout the day.


When productivity is high, efficiency tends to follow and providing coffee in the workplace will lead to a reduction of wasted time in the office.

If staff are more alert and focused, it will most certainly translate to the way they perform with meetings, projects, and other tasks completed in a more timely and efficient manner. Also, by having a coffee station in the workplace, they won’t have to leave the office to “fuel up”.


It is every employer’s desire and aspiration to have his company working and functioning like a well-oiled machine.

Having a coffee station in the workplace is a great way to help enhance team-building and communications at work since you’re offering a meeting point to which many may go to during breaks and lunchtimes, so it’s helping to bring workers together.

Expect a friendly atmosphere, and perhaps some banter in the mornings as staff go for their daily cuppa, helping to uplift everyone’s mood before their day of duties begins.

Employers should always do their best to create an inviting and positive work environment. And simple things like providing a professional office coffee machine is a way to offer workers the mental stimulation that they may require in the morning or mid-afternoon to get hyped up and ready for an excellent working day.

Although at the moment, due to social distancing needs and requirements, it’s advisable not to encourage significant staff interaction and socialization, providing your workers with an area where they can relax and chat during breaks is a great way to create a positive work atmosphere. Colleagues can discuss projects and problems they’re facing provided they stick to the two-metre distancing rules, of course.

Client service

Coffee is a traditional element of the office setting, but a coffee or tea service is also a time-honoured form of hospitality. When you have business partners, clients, vendors, or other visitors coming to your office, you want to ensure that they feel welcomed and cared for.

Your guests may be required to wait for a while, especially if they are attending a meeting. Encouraging your receptionists to offer them a cup of coffee in your branded paper cups while they wait, is a great way to put your guests at ease and show your hospitality while at the same time enhancing your brand image and reputation.


So, if you haven’t already got a coffee station set up at your workplace, you may want to consider it now. It offers plenty of benefits for a company both internally and externally, helping to improve staff morale and productivity within the workplace, as well as enhancing your business’s hospitality side.