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You can customise your compostable cups by adding your name, logo or design to make your brand stand out from the rest.

We provide a bespoke service for brands and businesses looking to go the extra mile to give their customers a personal touch.

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All Cup Brands own design, compostable cups are a great low carbon, low impact, low waste alternative to their oil-based equivalents.

We all know that landfill does not offer a viable and reasonable long-term solution to dealing with the large amounts of waste we generate. Switching to compostable hot cups goes a long way to addressing these issues, as it helps divert waste from already overcrowded landfills.

Our custom hot cups are printed using vegetable based inks and are CERTIFIED COMPOSTABLE IN IRELAND. Our cups can be disposed of, along with food waste, in the brown bin and will turn into nutrient soil within 8-12 weeks when commercially composted in Ireland.

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