Compostable Coffee Cups

Try the best compostable coffee cups in Ireland for your ultimate coffee experience and satisfaction while, at the same time, making our planet cleaner for future generations!

Premium Quality Compostable Cups – Perfect for Coffee Lovers

Coffee is one of the most popular hot drinks on the planet. Appreciated worldwide, it has merged with cultures and civilisations, adapting to personal tastes. Lungo, Short, Express, Macchiato or American, with or without sugar, there is something for everyone.

And regardless of personal preferences, we all enjoy our coffee when served in compostable, attractive packaging!

Our compostable paper cups are environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic disposable coffee cups. These singleuse coffee cups have the same look and feel as regular disposable cups. Still, since they are made from compostable natural materials, they help reduce your business’s carbon footprint and make your product more appealing to your eco-conscious, green-minded customers.

With CupBrands, you can go a level up by combining them with our matching compostable cup lids.

Double Wall Paper Coffee Cups

Our double-wall disposable and compostable coffee cups and cup lids are made from sustainably managed forestry and lined with plant-based material being fully compostable in just 12 weeks within industrial composting facilities. Compared to single-wall cups, these ensure better insulation for higher protection from hot drinks.

Compostable Paper Cup Size Guide

Our compostable hot drink cups come in two colours, white and black, and two different sizes of 8 oz and 12 oz. These two sizes are the standard sizes for coffee cups. Here is the chart that will help you determine which size fits your needs best.

Size in oz8 oz12 oz
Type of BeverageRegular coffeeMedium coffee / regular soft drink
Size in ml227 ml355 ml
Approximate Height in mm90 mm110 mm
Approximate Bottom Diameter56 mm56 mm
Approximate Top Diameter80 mm90 mm

Customisable Compostable Cups – Design Your Own Coffee Cup

We produce a wide range of 100% compostable coffee cups that can be designed and printed to your exact specifications to create a product you’ll be proud of in the long run. These custom-printed biodegradable coffee cups will fulfil all your ideas.

These are some examples of our work.

Branded Compostable Coffee Cups

Eco-friendly Compostable Cups – Made in Ireland

Manufactured and distributed in Ireland, these eco-friendly paper coffee cups are 100% recyclable and have a low carbon footprint, making them an environmentally friendly option. These biodegradable coffee cups allow you to enjoy your favourite hot beverages without remorse.

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Branded Compostable Cups – Perfect Brand Promotion

These high-quality paper coffee cups with compostable lids can be personalised with your brand’s visual identity and are the perfect way to promote your business, helping to strengthen your position in the market and stay ahead of your competitors! Order your line of branded compostable coffee cups at CupBrands today!

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We design and create custom paper cups to your exact
specification and we make it seem so simple.


Are compostable coffee cups recyclable?

No, they are not in general. Even though our compostable cups are made of paper and sugarcane bagasse, they can’t be recycled with other paper and cardboard waste.

Are recycling plants in Ireland now accepting compostable coffee cups?

In Ireland, there is yet no specialist recycling facility where you can leave compostable hot drink cups.

What are compostable coffee cups made of?

Our compostable paper cups are made using sugarcane bagasse, which is more eco-friendly than PLA or disposable plastic cups. Their production requires less energy and reduces air pollution.

Which bin do compostable coffee cups go in?

You should throw away these biodegradable cups in a food waste (brown) recycling bin. It will be collected and sent to industrial composting facilities for faster decomposition.

What are the advantages of using compostable coffee cups and lids?

Some reasons to choose printed compostable cups and lids instead of ordinary disposable or other biodegradable options are easier disposal, carbon footprint and harmful plastic reduction. It is more sustainable, can improve your brand image, and help you save money by reducing shipping costs.

How long do compostable cups take to decompose?

Depending on the environment, it can take a few months. Higher temperatures lead to faster decomposition, especially if suitable microbial organisms are also present. Even though cups made of sugarcane bagasse are entirely biodegradable and compostable to nutrient-rich composts in approximately 90 days, it is recommended to send them to an industrial composting facility that accepts compostable cups for faster decomposition.