Advantages Of Using Branded Disposable Coffee Cups For Your Cafe

By May 15, 2020 August 16th, 2020 No Comments

A disposable coffee cup is not just an excellent way of holding your beverage on the go, it’s also a savvy marketing tool. A branded cup is an opportunity not to miss as it can potentially help to generate more business and ultimately, more revenue. A well-branded design can benefit business immensely.

Below we have listed some of the advantages of incorporating your brand into your cafe or food company by using custom printed paper cups.

Free advertising

Branded disposable cups are the ideal way to generate some free advertising for business. When you add a tagline, colour scheme, and logo to your cup and it represents your company, it’s like a mobile advertisement that will be distributed far and wide by each consumer that purchases beverages from your store and takes it out on the go.

This is placing your brand amongst hundreds of potential customers who could be witnessing it merely by a person strolling through a shopping centre with a cup in their hand. It’s also a positive thing for business when a consumer is actively promoting your brand. The aim is for repetition, and this form of free advertising is a great way to accumulate that.  For example one may see it, and it could potentially encourage the next person to want to try it and so on.

Repetition and encouragement

Have you ever seen someone with something and then it makes you fancy it yourself? It’s usually the way most people react. It may also be that you happen to spot an empty coffee cup and decide that you fancy a coffee now. We are all guilty of that at times, and for business, it’s encouraging especially if your brand is visible as it may persuade others to come and purchase your products.

A good quality branded paper cup entices consumers to come back for more and once that repetition expands, it further helps to promote and advertise your business. The best way to create repetition is by making your brand memorable and adding custom logo designs helps to achieve this proactively.  

Strengthen your identity and professionalise your brand

Big known companies are recognised for their branding and people far and wide easily identify with those businesses by their established branding. Consumers will usually become loyal to a brand that they are familiar with.

By adding branding to your disposable cups, it helps to establish your business professionally, and it can strengthen the identity of your brand, particularly as your consumer base expands, and more of your brand is publicized farther and wider.

Boost your image

Image is everything in today’s world. A good image can potentially boost businesses, and by adding a strong image to represent your brand, it can enhance public perspective. Packaging has always been a big deal and is almost as important as the actual product. Nobody wants to buy something that isn’t presented well, in fact, it’s regarded as one of the biggest turn-offs when it isn’t

When it comes to food and beverages, people are even fussier about the way it’s presented, but if a brand is actively displaying and advertising their logo on that packaging, it’s encouraging to the consumer as it shows that a company is proud of its products.

When it comes to design, you want it to be eye-catching, but that doesn’t necessarily mean loud and in your face. Take Apple for instance. They are famed for their minimalistic approach. Branding could be sleek and stylish or colourful and exciting, it’s about finding a style that is ‘in keeping’ with the image of your company like the decor of your establishment or perhaps your website’s design. 

First impressions count

First impressions are everything. Most people associate being offered coffee, tea and other drinks with a reputable, responsible business. Good quality coffee cups with a branded design can contribute to higher customer retention rates and more revenue for your business.

By branding your disposable cups, you show that you’re serious about running your business and that you’re willing to invest in making sure even the smallest details aren’t just good, but perfect.

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