What Makes Coffee Loved Globally?

By August 16, 2020 No Comments

Is there any drink more acclaimed worldwide than coffee?

From sunrise to sunset, there’s nothing like a good cup of coffee. This drink is estimated to be consumed daily in its billions of cups all around the globe. From workplaces to living rooms, coffee acts as a boost of energy at any time of need.

But what makes it the world’s favourite drink? Today we bring you the 6 main reasons why people from every corner on Earth love it as much as you do every morning:

History in every cup

Coffee isn’t at all recent, and you are probably somewhat aware of this, but it may go farther back than you expected. It is estimated that coffee is as old as the 9th century, discovered in Ethiopia by Kaldi, a goat herder. Stories state that after the goats savoured some fruits, they would become more energised and change their behaviour. Kaldi decided to try it for himself and got that invigorating effect too. “Kahve”, that means “wine of Arabia” became a popular affair that steadily spread to other continents with the arrival to Europe around the 17th century. In 1650 the first coffee house was established in England, growing to about 3,000 by 1675.

Bringing people together

From its beginnings in Europe, coffee has always been linked with social moments. Coffee houses were prominent social hubs for cities where people would get together to discuss everything from regular catch-ups to conversations on politics and business. The common link between all those individuals was their cup of coffee which became a staple for get-togethers till this day.

Pleasure in the taste

Upon arrival in Europe, through traders in Venice, coffee was the new intriguing exotic good but was still overlooked because it came from Africa. Firstly, the Catholic church nicknamed it the “Devil’s drink”. That was until Pope Clement VIII experienced it. The Pope enjoyed it so much that he decided to cleanse the “devil” out of it by baptising the drink.

This made drinking coffee an acceptable act in the Occident that drew more and more coffee followers.

Coffee can be art

It’s not until you order a cup of coffee and it comes out tasting bad that you start to consider that the process and quality of the product can make all the difference. After that, you begin to see it as a craft product that requires good quality all around to get a tasty cup of coffee.

Many people go as far as making it their own interest and become coffee connoisseurs, wanting to experience various types of beans, brews and mixes – and even if you are not one of these experts, you should definitely recognise it as an art form.

Coffee in the morning

A breakfast that does not include a fresh cup of coffee is a sensitive subject to many.

The caffeine injection in the morning is like a perfect kick start to the day and the perfect drink for early mornings, whether pairing eggs, bacon, pancakes or a sandwich, whatever makes your days tick.

Health comes in cups

From aiding those susceptible to depression to the effects brought by its antioxidants in diseases like Alzheimer’s or diabetes, coffee consumption has long been proven to benefit overall health.

Although it should always be consumed moderately, coffee can also stimulate your dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and cortisol levels uplifting your mood to get you through the day.

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