How Powerful Branding Can Improve Your Coffee Shop Business

By September 11, 2020 January 16th, 2021 No Comments

Coffee shops are a popular commodity around busy cities. With so many potential clients doing their regular commute and looking to grab a cup of coffee, what can you do to make sure your space draws more attention than the rest? The secret lies in your branding and the image you present!

Not always the best-flavoured brew in town is the most sold because most times, clients are attracted and brought in by the best branding!

Good branding implementation will draw the crowds into your coffee shop and deliver your message.

Below we give you a few more points on how powerful a branding strategy can be for your cafe.

Branding is essential to your business

Though energy and time consuming, developing your brand is crucial for growing your company. Your brand is your identity and will reflect on how your customers see you and feel about your business. An inspiring branding will most definitely draw public in.

The creaminess of your coffee brew or the fluffiness of your cakes is not the only reason why customers will be choosing your coffee shop. Your branding, when perfected will also be an essential factor. Every café is relying on returning customers, as these are also the ones who share the space with friends or on social media like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and become your best ambassadors.

So, no matter how good your product is, if your brand isn’t identifiable and worth sharing, all the other qualities will count for very little.

Identify your Mission

Your brand and mission should go hand in hand. Your mission is what you stand for, what you are doing in your business and what you wish to achieve! State it correctly so that the community understands it clearly and can relate to it. By doing so, you will stand out from the pack of coffee shops around the block. Keep it short and straight to the point. Be sure to emphasise to your staff how important this is and implement it from the start as it might dictate how your brand will grow.

The importance of the table menu

The table menu is the first thing most customers will notice once they enter your space. As we all know, first impressions do last, so make sure the menu follows up with your excellent brand image!

Keep it clear, simple, and matching to your design. Also make sure to include your best propositions, let your clients know your product’s strengths, if they’re local or organic and where your coffee beans are sourced from.

Savvy coffee drinkers will enjoy every detail about the origins of your brew, and every other customer will acknowledge your transparent and trusty approach about your products. While you’re at it, take the opportunity and include your company’s mission on the menu!

Stay true to your Values

Core Values are the defining features of how a company acts and should also be included in your branding strategy.

Not only internally should those values be well communicated, but you should always make sure that they are also expressed to the community. Share with them how you want to give back to the neighbourhood, whether from buying locally, providing experiences for residents or your commitment to local sustainability. Make sure they know about your business’ values and that you follow them passionately.

Once they experience the quality offered in your coffee space, from cuppas to biscuits, they will relate to your values and create a clear image of your brand in their minds that they will recommend to others, becoming the best brand ambassadors any business could wish for.

Visual Branding

The most recognised part of your branding, when made right, will be your visual presence. Creating a consistent image will make your coffee shop stand out from the rest.

An ideal implementation across the board will encompass a well-designed logo, name, signage name and other topics like space decoration or loyalty cards, all with a unique visual language of your business.

Whether you’re looking for a professional designer or you’ll give it a go yourself, there are a few pointers you should include in your brand image:

Assure your logo is unmistakable and dazzling to draw attention for your business. Your identity should also be following close with your image – if you’re creating a minimalist space, go for an unfussy logo with muted tones or even just a lettering but if you’re going for a jazzier spot, mix it with vivid hues. Your brands’ name should be clear and legible independent of the size or application. It must look great and inviting on your social media page and catch looks when printed on the coffee cups your customers take with them.

Making great looking custom printed coffee cups is critical for raising brand awareness. That is why the biggest brands in the coffee industry have trendy take away cups and not generic unbranded ones. If you haven’t yet thought about it, now’s the time to do it.

Your coffee shop can rely on Cup Brands to supply innovating customisable compostable coffee cups. This means you can have your brand logo displayed on your disposable coffee cups with all the added benefits of this being a sustainable option to present your products.

We are the ideal partner for your coffee shop. In no time, your trendy brand and compostable coffee cups will be the prime talking point in town! Get in touch with us and ask for a quote.