Sustainability Hacks for Every Coffee Shop

By May 15, 2020 August 16th, 2020 No Comments

Coffee is one of the world’s most favoured beverages, so much so we drink around 500 billion coffee cups every single year. It’s no surprise then, that when it comes to climate change and sustainability, part of the focus tends to be aimed at coffee shops and restaurants.

Embracing sustainability is a responsibility to us all. Every business needs to be conscious of how much their impact on the environment is.

Coffee shops mass usage of coffee cups, water, and energy has a direct effect on the environment. A coffee shop uses anything from 2,270 to 3,785 litres of water daily. And the impact of the coffee cups is even worse if they’re not made of biodegradable or compostable materials and cannot be recycled or turned into compost.

But things can change. Time has come for coffee shops and restaurants to re-think practices, and switch to more sustainable, greener and environmentally friendly practises, in order to significantly reduce their carbon imprint on the environment.

Sustainable tips for coffee shops:

Focus your attention to green brands and suppliers

Becoming a more sustainable coffee shop is as simple as to switch to greener alternatives and buying your supplies from a green brand. By taking these positive steps and changing the way you think and act, you are helping to set good examples. 

Your decision to turn to green sustainable alternatives, as your way of responding to the current climate crisis is not only highly beneficial for the environment, but it will also boost your reputation and therefore be good for your business. 

Not only that, but green products like compostable paper cups, green coffee, or local fresh ingredients are also better in terms of quality and as accessible as other unsustainable alternatives.

Environmental concerns and more sustainable lifestyles and practices are at the top of the public’s priorities in terms of consumption. Buying green will show the people you’re committed to protecting the environment boosting your business’ reputation and PR.

Focus on reducing water usage

Although the earth consists of 71% water, only 3% of that is drinkable, so conserving water is of the utmost importance. When you consider the increase in population, which is continually growing, preserving water makes even more sense. 

Many people in the world do not have access to clean drinking water. Droughts and drying up rivers are exacerbating the situation, and so conserving water by switching to efficient cleaning practices is a small thing that we all can do, that can make a massive difference to the world. 

There are simple things that you can do in your coffee shop to maximise water use, like ensuring the dishwasher is fully loaded, or adding aerators to your pumps.

Low energy lighting and equipment

Examine your lighting to find ways to reduce the energy bill of your business. The use of energy-efficient bulbs in your coffee shop will help to cut energy costs. And most modern lamps aside from being energy-efficient can also give your coffee-shop a new irresistible look.

Your coffee machine is the heart of your trade. And it could be costing you a fortune if it consumes too much energy. Switching to low energy consumption espresso machines with boiler insulation can help to halve the costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Avoid the use of single-use plastics

As many are now aware, single-use plastics are one of the worst enemies to a clean planet and safe packaging. They vastly clog up landfills and are fundamentally destroying our oceans and marine life. So, to be able to avoid these, anywhere possible, is the most effective thing that you can do to protect our planet. 

The European Parliament has already put forward their plans by encouraging businesses to adopt compostable packaging before we see the complete ban on single-use plastics. But rather than wait until then, you can make these positive changes right now.

Compostable paper cups are a much better option than single-use plastic cups offering a cost-effective, sustainable solution for your coffee shop business.

Forward-thinking and promoting

Being consistent with your approach to sustainability is the way forward, it is essential that once you decide to make these positive changes, you continue to follow these practices as well as making it known to your customer base. 

Businesses that promote sustainable measures can build a positive image. Most customers already have sustainability in mind when they buy certain products or services and may want to join your brand to feel part of a sustainable movement.

Taking small steps

Don’t be afraid to make the change, even small steps to begin with are a huge positive, so set a goal for the future. Once established you can start to progress slowly into sustainability.

It may take some time and may also mean revaluating business costs and expenditure, but one thing’s for sure, it’s the way forward.