How to Create A Catchy Slogan for Your Coffee Shop?

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Copostable Coffee cups with slogan

We all can recall some slogans or taglines that are unequivocally linked to a product or company from the top of our heads.

That’s the art of a good slogan. When you get it right and use it effectively, it can endure in clients’ minds and set your business apart from all the others. There are some catch phrases that when you hear them, you’ll associate with a company even decades later.

And if you think only big corporations and franchises have slogans, think again. Small and medium-sized companies could also benefit from having a great slogan within their branding.

Today we have the best tips for those looking to develop a slogan for their business, so tag along and develop your own!

Why Is a Slogan Important for your Café?

Considering a slogan is a catchy, short phrase that aims to capture customers’ attention towards your cafe, having the right slogan will make your brand image that much more memorable. Having a slogan that reflects what’s so special about your coffee shop will make that same specialness ever-present in a customer’s memory.

Though not every business owner will notice the advantages of implementing a slogan, it can be an impactful marketing tool for most businesses when used properly. One well thought out slogan will build your brand recognition and make your cafe’s reputations pop from the rest. Likewise, it will strengthen your relationship with your customers and, in turn, increase demand and revenue.

But recognising a slogan’s importance is just the starting point. Creating one for your coffee shop is a whole different thing. To further help you in this quest, we have elaborated a step-by-step guide for coming up with your own coffee shop slogan:

Step 1: Considering Your Potential Customers

For any marketing campaign or advertising project, you should begin by thinking thoroughly about your target audience. Knowing who they are, what appeals to them and how you will reach them. It’s all about pinpointing the type of customer you have and how your slogan will impact them for a coffee shop.

If, for instance, your crowd is mostly younger than the average, you can go for a trendy and modern phrase that might even reminisce about pop culture. A more family-oriented café should focus on conveying a feeling of home and cosiness.

Consider your customers carefully – who they are and who you want them to be too – when creating a slogan. This will make it appealing to the crowd you’re chasing and avoid failures.

Likewise, consider the tone you are setting with your slogan. A playful phrase will work in a laid-back café but probably will not appeal to a more sophisticated audience.

Step 2: Discuss it with your Customers, Staff and others

Your coffee shop may even be of small size, but there are always stakeholders – this isn’t a term exclusive to big corporate glossaries – and they can have a valuable input to your business’ slogan.

Ask your staff, customers or family members for opinions or ideas to create or develop your cafe’s slogan. Either by asking around, scheduling a meeting or even launching a friendly contest, you can find many great ideas.

Step 3: Make Sure It’s Unique

Facing the fact: coffee shops are a dime a dozen, and as such, there is much that can be said generically about all of them, including yours. Avoid common descriptions such as “great tasting coffee” or “excellent service” and instead focus on your uniqueness.

Keep in mind your business concept and what’s special to your products. Then focus your slogan writing in those unique features that no other café in the area has.

Step 4: Make It Brief & Simple

Experts recommend a slogan to be a maximum of five words. If you have more than one sentence, just scrap it. If you have one long sentence, try to simplify and trim it. Going back to the start, the aim here is for your customers to remember your slogan and a couple of words are more easily remembered than two sentences.

Furthermore, an effective slogan must also be easy to understand. Likewise, it should be specific to your cafe and/or its mission. Run your drafts by your staff and friends as they might have ideas to make it a bit catchier!

Enhance Your Marketing Campaign with Custom Disposables Cups

Once you have your exciting new slogan and the full brand image, you can make it more present and recognisable. How? Start by making your image present on all your products.

In the case of coffee shops, there is one great way to spread your brand across your city: branded disposable cups. Coffee is a very common takeaway good and having your excellently brewed coffee put into blank cups is a waste of advertising space.

Cup Brands has a full range of custom disposable cups where you can have your brand image and slogan expertly placed and ready to catch the sights of your audience.

If you’re looking for expanding your brand presence with custom printed coffee cups, contact us and ask for a quote on our products.