Christmas Themed Custom Printed Compostable Paper Cups for the Holidays

By December 11, 2020 January 17th, 2021 No Comments
Man holding a pack of Christmas themed custom printed compostable paper cups.

Today’s consumers are more and more looking for more sustainable options and new ways on how they can make a difference.

If you’re running a café, restaurant, bar or any other business where your core audience spends 80 to 90 percent of their time picking up, twisting and engaging with their coffee cup there is a priceless opportunity to make your intention count and influence the perception of your company.

Opting to serve your coffee and other drinks to-go on sustainable cups branded with your logo will extend this opportunity of impressing your customers.

This article will showcase a few more ways custom printed compostable coffee paper cups can impact the perception of your customers:

Boost client loyalty

Your business and its products should be shaped and influenced by the interests and remarks of your customers. This means that the product and its function will enhance the consumer experience, and a great consumer experience will lead to loyal customers.

Eco-friendly products present added value for customers. Keeping that value consistent will increase this loyalty and establish close bonds with your clientele.

From a business’ point of view, implementing sustainable measures creates a good corporate image and business reputation, and for customers, the resulting benefit is a better overall product.

Set your business apart

Studies have proven time and time again that sustainability is a viable approach for businesses.

An enquiry spread out in the EU showed that almost 95% of customers are aware of the importance of protecting the environment and 87% of those same consumers are committed to doing zero harm on the environment.

Thus, businesses that share their concerns about the planet are more popular and will achieve success faster as they’ll draw in eco-conscious clients and enhance their reputation.

Positive environmental practices are influenced by the industry a business is set in, but in the case of cafes and takeaway food companies, biodegradable and compostable paper cups can increase this popularity and gain customer support.

Boost customers interaction

Customer experience is nurtured by many aspects that will influence perceptions; one single step won’t go far. For cafes and restaurants, opting for organic foods and biodegradable cups can be supported by using efficient, more green solutions in terms of lighting and water consumption.

Customers today are more informed and more eager for information than ever before, so you should present all the details on your eco-friendly practices. Impressing eco-conscious clients will improve your profits.

Genuine and authentic

Heavily influenced and industry-standardised businesses are a dime a dozen and keeping your authenticity will highlight yours from the rest. No business will appeal to every customer; that’s how it is, so you should always keep your identity. By sticking to your principles, customers will feel your business as genuine and trustworthy.

Use the Holiday Season as the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand

Holidays are all about warm drinks. Nothing tastes better than a delicious hot chocolate or a heart-warming cup of coffee. Double-wall compostable cups are ideal for steaming hot beverages and having those custom printed with your brand, and a holiday-themed graphic will undoubtedly be a hit.